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Solar Energy Design and Engineering


Consulting and Project Management

Are you considering going solar but unsure of what steps to take to achieve it? Gorkon Industries is the best choice in North America for all your solar consulting and project management needs! From site feasibility studies (rooftop and ground-mount), sel



Gorkon Industries has the most up-to-date knowledge in the industry to guide you through the development process of your solar project. Whether it's FIT/PPA contract applications, access to capital and take-out partners or unique in-house technical expert


Engineering and Design

Solar PV engineering and design is Gorkon Industries specialty! Let the professionals help you decide whether a ground-mount or rooftop system design is most suitable to you based on your space, budget and the goals you wish to achieve. Gorkon Industries


EPC and Turnkey Projects

Gorkon Industries will execute and deliver the project within an agreed time and budget. We carry out the detailed engineering design of the project, procure all the equipment and materials necessary, and then construct to deliver a functioning facility o



By interfacing with multiple authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs), solar developers deal with more than their share of "red tape"(regulations, procedures, deadlines). These delay projects… costing money, increasing risk, and causes headaches and sleepless nights. By virtue of the extensive solar specific experience the team at Gorkon Industries has, we can help you cut through red tape ensuring the process goes smoothly and in a timely fashion. Enjoy your job again!


Less is more! Often companies who diversify aren't able to truly cultivate any specific service resulting in substandard workmanship.
Gorkon Industries specializes only in solar photovoltaic design and development so you can rest assured you are getting the highest quality systems on the market. Choosing a leading edge solar photovoltaic design from Gorkon Industries will help you reduce installation costs,
avoid construction delays and achieve maximum energy potential.

Feed In Tariff/ Net Metered/Off Grid Systems

If you decide to install a solar electricity producing system, there are a few options to choose from dependent on the amount of money you want to invest, how much space you have to install solar panels and how much daylight you get.


Do you remember looking for your first "real" job, being told to come back when you had more experience, and then trying to figure out how you were supposed to get more experience if no one would hire you? It’s a similar situation when you are trying to get a solar project off the ground and investors won't take a chance on you. Don't give up your dream! With the Developer Partnership Program, Gorkon Industries will “partner” with qualified candidates to provide much needed engineering services. It’s a great option for developers struggling with cash flow, needing help to enable their big pay day to come in! This great way to get things moving quickly is unique to Gorkon Industries; it can also beef up your credentials to put lenders and investors at ease

Please inquire at info@gorkonindustries.com

Mario Staltari, B. Comm. C. A.
Gorkon Industries was very professional in all aspects of the project. They were timely and extremely helpful in guiding us through the process to a successful completion. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a solar contractor.”