Leading the Way, in
Solar Energy Design and Engineering

The solar market is exploding all over the world, presently the US market is skyrocketing in 2016. Gorkon Industries, with extensive solar portfolio services that are second to none, is now offering engineering and design services in the United States and abroad! We have extensive Canadian solar experience and capacity to fulfill, you have the projects - it’s the perfect partnership!

Who can benefit from Gorkon Industries engineering services?

​Financial firms

  • Perform simulations
  • Site inspection and deficiency reporting
  • Site performance testing (PRT tests and studies)

​Engineering firms

  • Looking to add immediate capacity, back-benching
  • No training time, very cost effective
  • No risk of hiring/training/laying off in a boom-bust industry

​EPC contracting firms

  • Immediate support for closing bids,
  • System designs, layouts to quickly create BOMS for competitive and accurate costing
  • Create project plans
  • Accurate IFT (Issued For Tender packages), accelerate accurate and competitive contractor quoting
  • Complete engineering packages (IFC)
  • Construction and project management support
  • Site inspections and punch lists


  • Very experienced owners engineer
  • Ensure your EPC contractors are delivering quality, on-time

If you are based in the US or abroad, please contact us. We can’t wait to hear about your exciting projects.